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For Your Club + Pub

Industry leadership requires operators, Clubs and
Pubs, to lead the way with Responsible Gambling
that delivers a world leading Player
Protection Platform and Safe Play Tools.
One of our core focus points has been to build technology that meets the needs of operators at a staff and management level.

We believe that making tools for compliance is not enough, we believe that operators need to interact with players in real-time and at key interactions points when they need it most. To do this we have created a fully integrated system that delivers bespoke management of player needs and protects staff wellbeing.

End to end engagement of the Player and protection of Staff with Management oversight is core to how OK2PLAY? delivers on our vision.
For your clubs and pubs
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Intellectual Property

OK2PLAY? believes in Australian innovation. All technologies are built in Australia. Our technology and values are embodied in our Intellectual Property, including Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

We are honoured to have Baxter IP – Software Patents IP Attorney Firm of the Year (Australia) 2021, as our IP Advisors.Protecting our innovations and protecting our clients.