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Connection and feedback are how we grow and support all our clients and all their members. It’s where we learn, grow, and connect to help. We think these updates are where everyone can get a little extra insight, to know that we are not alone. Because, well, some days, it is ok to say, “I’m not OK2PLAY?” and some days, we all need the support journey.

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OK2PLAY? and Port City Bowling featured on Prime 7 Port Macquarie

Working with industry, we are proud of the difference we are making to people’s lives and the communities in which our leading hospitality partners are located. By simply asking – “Are you ok?”, we are normalising the conversation.
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At the heart of the Hillcrest, Queensland lies a club that has been an integral part of its community for over three decades. The Greenbank Services Club, with its rich history and commitment to their people, launched of OK2PLAY? to support their 90,000+ members and guests.…

February 8, 2024
OK2PLAY? and Carina Leagues; A New Way to Play!

Carina Leagues, a vibrant heartbeat of Queensland since 1970, leads the way with over 39,000 members and a team of over 150 staff, including 12 school-based trainees. The Club’s value to the community ripples far beyond its walls. To date, the club has donated an astounding…

February 1, 2024
LIONS@springwood is OK2PLAY?

LIONS@Springwood, the official social club of the Brisbane Lions in Queensland, has joined forces with OK2PLAY?. This partnership is set to redefine the standards of safer gambling practices and community care in the realm of hospitality and gaming. Developed by the Australian Tech Company, GEOPROTEQ, OK2PLAY?,…

January 16, 2024
Panania Diggers Celebrates 1 Year Using OK2PLAY?

Panania Diggers puts their staff, members, and community first with OK2PLAY?. Since introducing OK2PLAY? in August 2022, Panania Diggers celebrated 1 year utilising the platform – CEO, Ian Lowndes reflects, “We believe using OK2PLAY? demonstrates our social responsibility to our members and the community. This is…

December 12, 2023
Club Blacktown Continues To Lead the Industry With OK2PLAY?

As one of the first Australian venues to roll out OK2PLAY?, Club Blacktown celebrates their 1 year anniversary to continue prioritising their people, staff, and community. Since OK2PLAY?’s introduction in October 2022, Club Blacktown CEO, Robert Heinrich said, “OK2PLAY? gives us an additional tool to care…

December 11, 2023
365 Days of Safer Gambling at Beresfield Bowling with OK2PLAY?

Beresfield Bowling Club celebrates a year with OK2PLAY?, proudly at the forefront of safer gambling. Operations Manager Todd Morley expressed, “Since the inception of OK2PLAY?, staff have developed a greater awareness of mental health and patron welfare, and we are proud to partner with OK2PLAY?”. In…

November 30, 2023
Ocean Shores 1 Year Wave of Success with OK2PLAY?

Ocean Shores Tavern have marked their twelve-month anniversary with OK2PLAY?’s Responsible Gambling Technology (RGT). Since introducing OK2PLAY?’s platform in October 2022, Ocean Shores provides patrons and the community the discreet assistance when they need. By asking the powerful question, “ARE YOU OK 2 PLAY?” from a…

November 28, 2023
A Year of OK2PLAY? at Club Corowa

Club Corowa ticks over their fourteenth month using OK2PLAY?’s platform, a Responsible Gambling Technology (RGT) to normalise the conversation about safer gambling for its members and patrons. As the rollout of OK2PLAY? continues across Australia, Club Corowa joins the ranks of progressive venues prioritising the well-being…

November 23, 2023
Casino RSM’s Game Changing Year with OK2PLAY?

Casino RSM has surpassed 365 days with OK2PLAY?’s Responsible Gambling Technology (RGT). Since its introduction in October 2022, OK2PLAY?’s platform has become the catalyst for supporting Casino RSM’s members, staff, and community. With a simple swipe or a QR code scan, the powerful question, “ARE YOU…

November 22, 2023
Carina Leagues Champions OK2PLAY?

Carina Leagues, a thriving Queensland venue since 1970, transcends the label of a mere club—it stands as a vital pillar in the community. Boasting 39,000 active members and a staff force exceeding 150, including 12 school-based trainees, the club’s impact radiates far beyond its physical boundaries.…

November 20, 2023
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