OK 2 Play


LIONS@springwood is OK2PLAY?

LIONS@Springwood, the official social club of the Brisbane Lions in Queensland, has joined forces with OK2PLAY?. This partnership is set to redefine the standards of safer gambling practices and community care in the realm of hospitality and gaming.

Developed by the Australian Tech Company, GEOPROTEQ, OK2PLAY?, a Safer Gambling Technology speeds up communication between LIONS@Springwood members and staff. The OK2PLAY? platform creates a seamless pathway for members or guests to access fast and discreet help in real-time from a swipe at the kiosk or by scanning a QR code.

At the heart of what LIONS@Springwood does is all about connecting people and making everyone feel like they belong within the community. Through using OK2PLAY?’s platform, the club strengthens their community care by asking the powerful question – “ARE YOU OK 2 PLAY?” to empower members to make informed choices. If a member responds they need assistance in the club, OK2PLAY? swiftly connects a LIONS@Springwood staff to the member.

As LIONS@Springwood continues to champion safer gambling practices, the partnership with OK2PLAY? stands as a beacon of their commitment to community care.