OK 2 Play


OK2PLAY? and Carina Leagues; A New Way to Play!

Carina Leagues, a vibrant heartbeat of Queensland since 1970, leads the way with over 39,000 members and a team of over 150 staff, including 12 school-based trainees. The Club’s value to the community ripples far beyond its walls. To date, the club has donated an astounding $25 million into supporting over 120 local groups, proving its unwavering commitment to its people.

Carina Leagues is more than just a place to play. It’s a cherished haven for a diverse tapestry of members, offering a safe space where everyone feels welcome and valued. Recognising the need for holistic care, the club embraces innovation with the introduction of OK2PLAY?, a technology tackling mental health and problem gambling.

“OK2PLAY? represents a pivotal step in nurturing our community…We want people seeking help to be accepted, encouraged and most importantly we want to be able to offer help immediately” states Adam Wiencke, General Manager of Carina Leagues.

As Carina Leagues continues to blaze a trail in industry innovation, OK2PLAY? marks a new era in forward-thinking about how we support mental wellbeing and problem gambling. A move that further solidifies the Clubs position as Queensland’s premier Club.

“I don’t understand why every club in Queensland doesn’t have OK2PLAY?’s Technology,” says Mr Wiencke.

OK2PLAY? invites you to lead the way. Visit ok2play.io to find out more.