OK 2 Play


Powering Responsible Gambling Technology.

We believe in action; we believe in technology, and we believe in people first.

This is the foundation of OK2PLAY? and we believe in an industry lead strategy that protects customers, staff and delivers sustainable and responsible gambling practices. We believe these foundations are more important now than ever before.

In Action
For the Member


Members can easily access support at the club or pub by scanning the OK2PLAY? QR code or swiping at the loyalty kiosk. Once activated the member will receive immediate help from the venue’s trained staff.


As the first point of contact, Club/Pub employees not only deserve the
right training, they require the right platforms and tools. Putting a staff
member into an emergency situation without the right training and
support, is putting your staff in harm’s way. OK2PLAY? protects your
staff by empowering them with the OK2PLAY? First Responder APP.

For Your Staff
For Compliance


As business operators, Clubs and Pubs have a duty of care to their players and staff. The development of safer products, services, and the operation of safe places to play, will shape the industry and set the standard for responsible service. The OK2PLAY? Command Centre allows for the secure, safe, and proactive management of player protection technology.