OK 2 Play



At the heart of the Hillcrest, Queensland lies a club that has been an integral part of its community for over three decades. The Greenbank Services Club, with its rich history and commitment to their people, launched of OK2PLAY? to support their 90,000+ members and guests.

The launch of OK2PLAY? in the new year at Greenbank is no coincidence. As club members and guests embark on new journeys and set resolutions, OK2PLAY?’s innovative launch aligns seamlessly with Greenbank’s commitment to embrace and foster safer gambling practices.

OK2PLAY? is another way to check-in with members or guests to ensure they are “OK 2 PLAY?” at the swipe of the kiosk or by scanning a QR Code. For those who may not feel okay, the OK2PLAY? platform enables Greenbank Services Club staff to help those in need, discreetly and swiftly.

In an era when problem gambling and mental health is at the forefront of the Australian hospitality industry, OK2PLAY? Safer Gambling Technology provides a pioneering platform to protect venue staff, people, and the broader community.