OK 2 Play

Panania Diggers

Panania Diggers Celebrates 1 Year Using OK2PLAY?

Panania Diggers puts their staff, members, and community first with OK2PLAY?. Since introducing OK2PLAY? in August 2022, Panania Diggers celebrated 1 year utilising the platform – CEO, Ian Lowndes reflects, “We believe using OK2PLAY? demonstrates our social responsibility to our members and the community. This is incredibly important to us”.

As the rollout of OK2PLAY? continues across Australia, Panania Diggers joins the ranks of progressive venues prioritising safer gambling. For any member or guest at Panania Diggers that requires assistance, Mr. Lowndes explains, “OK2PLAY?’s platform allows patrons to begin the support process themselves and connects them immediately with senior staff,” through a press of a button or a scan of a QR code.

The OK2PLAY? platform serves as a reminder that a simple tool can in fact be one of the most powerful and effective means for a venue to ensure it is the safest environment for all patrons and guests.

OK2PLAY?’s platform is designed to connect people who need support, allowing the discreet and swift assistance. Panania Diggers success with OK2PLAY? underscores the pivotal role the platform plays in championing safer gambling practices.