OK 2 Play

Beresfield Bowling Club

365 Days of Safer Gambling at Beresfield Bowling with OK2PLAY?

Beresfield Bowling Club celebrates a year with OK2PLAY?, proudly at the forefront of safer gambling. Operations Manager Todd Morley expressed, “Since the inception of OK2PLAY?, staff have developed a greater awareness of mental health and patron welfare, and we are proud to partner with OK2PLAY?”.

In an era where one in five Australians face with mental health issues, technology becomes a crucial ally. OK2PLAY?’s platform is designed to provide real-time support to club members and guests at various touchpoints within the venue, offering assistance to those who may recognise their need for help.

Whether through a QR code scan or a kiosk swipe, the OK2PLAY? platform prompts the question, “Are you OK2PLAY?”. If a club member or guest responds with a “No,” the system promptly alerts Beresfield Bowling Club Senior Management, ensuring swift and discreet support.

The nationwide rollout of OK2PLAY? signifies a major industry milestone, reinforcing the commitment to the well-being of members, staff, and community. With its innovative approach to transforming how clubs respond to those seeking help, Beresfield Bowling Club continues to forge a strong partnership with OK2PLAY? for the future of safer gambling