OK 2 Play

Ocean Shores Tavern

Ocean Shores 1 Year Wave of Success with OK2PLAY?

Ocean Shores Tavern have marked their twelve-month anniversary with OK2PLAY?’s Responsible Gambling Technology (RGT).

Since introducing OK2PLAY?’s platform in October 2022, Ocean Shores provides patrons and the community the discreet assistance when they need. By asking the powerful question, “ARE YOU OK 2 PLAY?” from a simple scan of a QR code or pressing a button at the kiosk, patrons can respond with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ that connects to Senior Management.

Ocean Shores Tavern, CEO, Adam Berger expressed, “The privacy the system provides is incredibly important to us. We care very much about our patrons and the wider community. OK2PLAY? is a way we can assist and help people then and there”.

As one of the first Pubs in Australia to implement the OK2PLAY?’s RGT, Ocean Shores Tavern have demonstrated their patrons are their priority. From achieving success at the local level to implementing initiatives on a national scale, Ocean Shores ongoing partnership with OK2PLAY? leads the industry towards safer gambling.