OK 2 Play

Club Corowa

A Year of OK2PLAY? at Club Corowa

Club Corowa ticks over their fourteenth month using OK2PLAY?’s platform, a Responsible Gambling Technology (RGT) to normalise the conversation about safer gambling for its members and patrons.

As the rollout of OK2PLAY? continues across Australia, Club Corowa joins the ranks of progressive venues prioritising the well-being of their members, staff, and community. OK2PLAY?’s RGT empowers Club Corowa members and patrons who recognise if they need support from a swipe at the kiosk or by scanning a QR code.

Club Corowa CEO, Peter Norris expressed, “We aren’t hiding the fact some people may struggle, rather, we choose to face it head on. It was this recognition of the potential issues that saw us implement OK2PLAY? RGT, which allows us to check in with our members and guests each time they attend our venue.” As one of the first rural clubs in Australia to implement OK2PLAY?’s RGT, Club Corowa sets the standard in safer gambling practices.

OK2PLAY?’s platform is designed to change how clubs and pubs help people who need support, allowing the discreet and swift assistance. As Club Corowa goes from local success to a nationwide effort with OK2PLAY?, the club plays a big role in getting the industry to normalise the conversation about safer gambling.