OK 2 Play


Casino RSM’s Game Changing Year with OK2PLAY?

Casino RSM has surpassed 365 days with OK2PLAY?’s Responsible Gambling Technology (RGT). Since its introduction in October 2022, OK2PLAY?’s platform has become the catalyst for supporting Casino RSM’s members, staff, and community.

With a simple swipe or a QR code scan, the powerful question, “ARE YOU OK 2 PLAY?” unlocks immediate, discreet assistance in-venue, allowing individuals to respond with, “Yes I am OK” or seek support with a discreet, “No, can I talk to someone?”. This seamless process has ensured swift assistance for those in need and has normalised the conversation about safer gambling.

Casino RSM, an industry leader, has embraced OK2PLAY? RGT as a revolutionary force. Engineered to transform how Clubs & Pubs respond to individuals seeking help, OK2PLAY?’s platform offers discreet and private communication channels for swift support. From local success to nationwide implementation, Casino RSM’s continuing partnership with OK2PLAY? drives the industry towards safer gambling conversations.