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OK2PLAY Carina Leagues

Carina Leagues Champions OK2PLAY?

Carina Leagues, a thriving Queensland venue since 1970, transcends the label of a mere club—it stands as a vital pillar in the community. Boasting 39,000 active members and a staff force exceeding 150, including 12 school-based trainees, the club’s impact radiates far beyond its physical boundaries. It generously supports over 120 community groups with a staggering $25 million in donations.

A beacon for a diverse range of members, Carina Leagues offers more than just entertainment; it provides a cherished safe space and crucial backing for local groups. Embracing innovation, the club introduces OK2PLAY?, a discreet platform dedicated to addressing mental health and gambling concerns.

According to Adam Wiencke, General Manager of Carina Leagues, “OK2PLAY? represents a significant stride in caring for our community. We aim to make seeking help not only socially acceptable but also a normalised conversation within our venue.”

The decision to implement OK2PLAY? was fuelled by its impressive capabilities and user-friendly features, ensuring comprehensive care for individuals facing gambling and mental health concerns.

As Carina Leagues continues to lead in industry innovation, the introduction of OK2PLAY? marks a momentous step in championing community well-being and solidifies its status as Queensland’s premier club.