OK 2 Play

Redcliffe Leagues Club

Redcliffe Leagues Club Thankful for OK2PLAY?

As Redcliffe Leagues Club reaches its one-year milestone with OK2PLAY?’s Responsible Gambling Technology (RGT), the community is extending heartfelt thanks.

General Manager, Justin Charlish emphasises the profound impact of RGT on their community, stating, “This positive trend continues to persist 12 months after implementing OK2PLAY?. The response has remained overwhelmingly positive, with expressions of gratitude where patrons are conveying their thanks. Our staff members have reported feeling better equipped to handle various situations, knowing they have this valuable resource at their disposal.”

At the heart of this transformation is the Club’s commitment to caring for its members and the community. Justin Charlish notes, “The main impact of OK2PLAY? on our guest experience at Redcliffe Leagues Club has been the confirmation, both with our members and the broader community, that we are a venue that genuinely cares and looks out for the well-being of everyone. It has strengthened the insight that we prioritise the holistic health of our patrons, extending beyond just entertainment.”

This one-year journey with OK2PLAY? not only signifies a pivotal moment for Redcliffe Leagues Club but also highlights the positive influence of OK2PLAY? on the community.