OK 2 Play

Hornsby RSL Team

365 Days of OK2PLAY? at Hornsby RSL

Introduced at Hornsby RSL in September 2022, OK2PLAY? has been providing venue guests with a clear, simple, and effective mechanism to seek support should an individual feel they are not OK.

The OK2PLAY? platform only requires a patron to respond, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the prompt, “Are you OK2PLAY?” using a press of a button at the kiosk or a scan of a QR code.

Hornbsy RSL CEO, Mario Machado stated, “We recently had a representative of ‘GambleAware Week’ from Wesley Mission at Hornsby RSL who was shown the OK2PLAY? initiative. She was very impressed with the concept and the forward initiative shown by the Club. This kind of feedback from outside qualified sources reinforces our beliefs that we are making good decisions and making Hornsby RSL a comfortable environment for difficult conversations such as, asking for support.”

The nationwide rollout of OK2PLAY? marks a significant milestone in the industry’s commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices and safeguarding those in need. OK2PLAY? is designed to revolutionise the way clubs respond to individuals seeking help, ensuring discreet and private communication for swift support.