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Connection and feedback are how we grow and support all our clients and all their members. It’s where we learn, grow, and connect to help. We think these updates are where everyone can get a little extra insight, to know that we are not alone. Because, well, some days, it is ok to say, “I’m not OK2PLAY?” and some days, we all need the support journey.

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OK2PLAY? and Port City Bowling featured on Prime 7 Port Macquarie

Working with industry, we are proud of the difference we are making to people’s lives and the communities in which our leading hospitality partners are located. By simply asking – “Are you ok?”, we are normalising the conversation.
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Redcliffe Leagues Club Thankful for OK2PLAY?

As Redcliffe Leagues Club reaches its one-year milestone with OK2PLAY?’s Responsible Gambling Technology (RGT), the community is extending heartfelt thanks. General Manager, Justin Charlish emphasises the profound impact of RGT on their community, stating, “This positive trend continues to persist 12 months after implementing OK2PLAY?. The…

November 6, 2023
365 Days of OK2PLAY? at Hornsby RSL

Introduced at Hornsby RSL in September 2022, OK2PLAY? has been providing venue guests with a clear, simple, and effective mechanism to seek support should an individual feel they are not OK. The OK2PLAY? platform only requires a patron to respond, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the prompt,…

October 30, 2023
Bondi believes in OK2PLAY?

At the heart of the vibrant North Bondi lies a club that has been an integral part of its community for over six decades. The North Bondi RSL Club, with its rich history and commitment to their people, are making waves once again with the launch…

October 19, 2023
Sporties Celebrates the Anniversary of Innovation With OK2PLAY?

September 2022 marked the Australia first implementation of OK2PLAY? in any Australian Pub or Club. Moorebank Sporties became the first venue to introduce the innovative digital platform as a way of protecting their members and guests, and twelve months on, the venue has asked 11,976 members…

October 4, 2023
Queensland RSL Club of the Year Invest in OK2PLAY? Tech For Community Benefit

Delivering a quality entertainment experience in a safe environment has always been essential to Gympie RSL and their recent introduction of the innovative Australian tech, OK2PLAY? is proving to be another way the popular venue is ensuring their members and community are protected. OK2PLAY? ensures the…

September 29, 2023
OK2PLAY? Digital Platform Enhances Moama Bowling Club Community Support

With almost one hundred years of operation, the Moama Bowling Club has a deep seeded history within the local community. This history continues today as the Club is involved with more than eighty community groups and organisations across all areas, including youth engagement, disability support, tourism,…

September 27, 2023
The RUC Teams With OK2PLAY? Leads Ground Breaking Technology For The ACT

Innovative Australian venue The RUC, based in the ACT, has been operating well ahead of the curve when it comes to player and staff protection, implementing a newly developed Australian technology platform in recent weeks. Termed OK2PLAY?, this cutting-edge technology prompts patrons to respond to the…

July 17, 2023
Club Parkview: Pioneering Responsible Gambling with OK2PLAY?

Club Parkview, Queensland’s premier community-centric hospitality venue, is leading the charge in responsible gambling technology with the introduction of OK2PLAY?. Developed by Australian technology company GPT, OK2PLAY? sets a new standard in gambling and mental health support, enabling seamless and immediate connections between patrons and staff…

July 4, 2023
CSI Club Southport Revolutionises their Responsible Gambling Practises with OK2PLAY?

CSI Club Southport, located in Queensland, Australia, is at the forefront of Responsible Gambling Technology with the introduction of the groundbreaking platform, OK2PLAY?. Developed by Australian technology company GPT, OK2PLAY? stands as a beacon of digital innovation, offering real-time assistance to individuals facing the challenges of…

June 23, 2023
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