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Sporties Celebrates the Anniversary of Innovation With OK2PLAY?

September 2022 marked the Australia first implementation of OK2PLAY? in any Australian Pub or Club. Moorebank Sporties became the first venue to introduce the innovative digital platform as a way of protecting their members and guests, and twelve months on, the venue has asked 11,976 members if they are OK2PLAY?

Designed to ensure players are in the right state of mind to utilise gaming facilities, and to connect those who may not be with appropriate support services, OK2PLAY? has enabled Sporties to actively assist members where needed.

CEO, Jeff Gibbs, explained, “Here at Sporties our intention is to provide an entertaining and social experience, but we realise for a small number of our members, there can be issues arising both directly in terms of gaming, and wider life issues. We wanted to be proactive in this area, identifying members who require additional support as early as possible, therefore we implemented the OK2PLAY? platform. We have found the technology to be simple for both staff and patrons, and non-disruptive to the member experience”.

Ahead of the curve in the industry, Mr Gibbs continued, “We are proud to say we were the first club in Australia to use the technology. When we were approached, we quickly saw the benefits of OK2PLAY? We know our members appreciate the innovative approach we have taken to ensuring their welfare as the flagship venue for the platform. To know we have a system in place to provide every member or guest an opportunity to reach out to us is a reassurance to both our Club and our Members”.

To date, OK2PLAY? has demonstrated its efficiency with nearly 12,000 Sporties members affirming their positive experience at the venue. A notable 0.17% members proactively engaged with Moorebank Sporties staff through the OK2PLAY? platform, whose concerns were solved on their first initial interaction.

Moorebank Sporties stands at the forefront of industry innovation, not merely acknowledging, but championing the advantages of OK2PLAY? for connecting both their club, staff, and the community at large.

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