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Queensland RSL Club of the Year Invest in OK2PLAY? Tech For Community Benefit

Delivering a quality entertainment experience in a safe environment has always been essential to Gympie RSL and their recent introduction of the innovative Australian tech, OK2PLAY? is proving to be another way the popular venue is ensuring their members and community are protected. OK2PLAY? ensures the Club can provide another layer of protection for the community regarding their mental health and wellbeing, and gambling behaviour.

Recently awarded the prestigious Queensland RSL Club of the year, Gympie RSL Club Manager, Daniel Ferguson, reflected on the Club’s decision to embrace the digital platform, “We believe the impact of adopting OK2PLAY will be positive by fostering trust with our members and the wider community. Conversations around mental health and problem gambling will become normal, and as a result, easier to approach”.

Ensuring their patrons are the priority is a key element of the success of Gympie RSL. Mr. Ferguson continued, “We are proud to partner with OK2PLAY to provide a robust platform for ensuring our members, and our wider community, are OK2PLAY.  We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment and we take this responsibility seriously. A significant part of this responsibility is investing in and implementing key technologies that assist our community as a priority”.

Throughout it’s history Gympie RSL has become involved in the local community, supporting veterans, their families, as well as providing support to groups as a major sponsor of the Gympie Devils Rugby League and Albert Park Bowls. In addition, the venue sponsors the Broncos Development Liaison Officer to support rugby league in the region.

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