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Club Parkview: Pioneering Responsible Gambling with OK2PLAY?

Club Parkview, Queensland’s premier community-centric hospitality venue, is leading the charge in responsible gambling technology with the introduction of OK2PLAY?. Developed by Australian technology company GPT, OK2PLAY? sets a new standard in gambling and mental health support, enabling seamless and immediate connections between patrons and staff in real time.

As the rollout of OK2PLAY? continues across Australia, Club Parkview joins the ranks of progressive venues prioritising the well-being of their patrons, staff, and community. This cutting-edge technology empowers individuals who may not feel “OK” to access the necessary support they need, revolutionising responsible gambling practices.

Beyond offering exceptional experiences such as events, entertainment, diverse food options, a gaming lounge, a café and quality beverages, Club Parkview’s commitment extends to the community. They actively support various initiatives, including school breakfast clubs, sports groups, and numerous local organizations. Notably, the club donates 5% of member purchases to these community groups every quarter.

With the implementation of OK2PLAY?, Club Parkview takes their community support to the next level. By normalising conversations around gambling and mental health, they foster a culture of well-being where seeking help is encouraged. Through OK2PLAY?, members and patrons can discreetly request assistance, triggering an immediate response from dedicated staff within the venue who can connect them to vital support services.

Bryan Te Wani, CEO of OK2PLAY?, commends Club Parkview’s Board of Directors and Management for proactively fulfilling their social license to operate and prioritising the welfare of their members and staff. OK2PLAY? now becomes an integral part of the club’s core values, emphasising their commitment to responsible practices and community engagement.

Club Parkview’s adoption of OK2PLAY? sets a new industry benchmark for responsible gambling technology and support. By combining their dedication to the community with this advanced platform, Club Parkview ensures that patrons feel safe, supported, and empowered to seek assistance whenever needed. With their progressive approach, Club Parkview embraces responsible gambling practices within the hospitality industry and beyond.

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