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CSI Club Southport Revolutionises their Responsible Gambling Practises with OK2PLAY?

CSI Club Southport, located in Queensland, Australia, is at the forefront of Responsible Gambling Technology with the introduction of the groundbreaking platform, OK2PLAY?. Developed by Australian technology company GPT, OK2PLAY? stands as a beacon of digital innovation, offering real-time assistance to individuals facing the challenges of problem gambling.

The nationwide rollout of OK2PLAY? marks a significant milestone in the industry’s commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices and safeguarding those in need. OK2PLAY? is designed to revolutionise the way clubs respond to individuals seeking help, ensuring discreet and private communication for swift support. By simply scanning a QR code or using the patented OK2PLAY? digital platform to request assistance, members or patrons can access immediate support. OK2PLAY? triggers an instantaneous in-venue response from staff, enabling them to provide immediate assistance and connect individuals with the necessary support services.

For over 50 years, CSI Club Southport has played a pivotal role in the Southport community. Inspired by a group of working-class locals who would gather at the club’s current location to share stories over cold beers, the club emerged as a Trade Union Club in 1967 after dedicated fundraising efforts and community support. Extensive renovations transformed the club into CSI Club Southport, offering a range of amenities including alfresco dining, gaming machines, bars, live entertainment, and various event spaces. The club’s commitment to supporting sporting and charity groups has been unwavering, embodying the essence of community clubs.

The implementation of the OK2PLAY? system is a testament to CSI Club Southport’s dedication to fostering a healthy and sustainable culture that extends beyond liquor and gaming. By embracing Responsible Gambling Technology, the club prioritises the overall health and well-being of its community members. Bryan Te Wani, CEO of OK2PLAY?, commends CSI Club Southport’s Board of Directors and Management for their proactive approach in delivering on their social license to operate and their genuine concern for the well-being of members and staff. The industry’s increasing focus on protecting staff from the challenges and stress of supporting patrons in need is overcome by OK2PLAY?, which was designed in collaboration with leading clubs.

Through the integration of OK2PLAY?, CSI Club Southport not only strengthens its core values but also positions itself as a leader among clubs investing in strategies to fulfill their social license to operate while prioritising the well-being of their community members. The club’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge Responsible Gambling Technology underscores its unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and responsible gambling practices.

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