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Cowra Bowling Club

Cowra Bowling Club Has Joined The Ranks of Industry Leaders by Embracing The Cutting-Edge OK2PLAY? Technology

Cowra Bowling Club has joined the ranks of industry leaders by embracing the cutting-edge OK2PLAY? technology, solidifying its position among the 50+ clubs that have revolutionised the hospitality and gaming industry. Developed right here in Australia, OK2PLAY? is a game-changing digital platform designed to protect and support individuals facing the challenges of problem gambling.

Under the visionary leadership of Club Manager Marc Eisenhaur, Cowra Bowling Club has taken its commitment to responsible gambling to new heights by introducing OK2PLAY?. Recognising the vital role it plays in the community’s social well-being, the club is offering a lifeline through this ground-breaking platform. “The Cowra Bowling Club takes social wellbeing very seriously, and this is a part of that, as well as a part of responsible gambling at the club,” he said.

As an integral part of the Cowra community for countless years, Cowra Bowling Club has been a champion of supporting the local community and providing a safe haven for like-minded individuals to gather. With the implementation of the OK2PLAY platform, the club showcases its unwavering dedication to fostering a healthy and sustainable culture that goes beyond the realms of liquor and gaming, encompassing the overall health and well-being of the community.

Bryan Te Wani, CEO of OK2PLAY?, commends the Cowra Bowling Club’s Board of Directors and Manager Marc Eisenhaur for their proactive approach in fulfilling their social license to operate. Their genuine care and concern for members and staff, as they prioritise the well-being of all involved, deserves recognition and appreciation.

Across Australia, the club industry is increasingly focused on the well-being of staff who provide support to members or guests dealing with mental health issues and the challenges of problem gambling.

With an ever-growing number of clubs recognising the importance of safeguarding staff and patrons alike, OK2PLAY? stands at the forefront, with its design honed through collaboration with industry-leading clubs, staff, and their communities.

Cowra Bowling Club’s embrace of OK2PLAY? is a testament to its unwavering dedication to the community, providing not just a safe place for gathering, but also actively addressing mental health concerns and the challenges of problem gambling.

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