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OK2PLAY? Launches With CSI – Club Services Ipswich

OK2PLAY? continues to lead the way as we welcome CSI – Club Services Ipswich – to the more than 50 Clubs who have adopted this world leading technology. OK2PLAY? has been developed in Australia to help protect and support those in need from the challenges of Problem Gambling.

“OK2PLAY? will have an extremely positive impact on the Club’s operations and the community in which we serve. This platform will allow our patrons to feel safe and always looked after, and know they can reach out to our staff members in times of need. This is very important for the Ipswich Community – knowing that whilst at CSI you will be welcomed and looked after and this platform will definitely make our patrons feel safe and comfortable,” explains Natalia Onoprichuk, General Manager, CSI – Club Services Ipswich.

Across QLD and Australia, the rollout of OK2PLAY? is driving the focus to protect and support those in need from the challenges of problem gambling.  CSI – Club Services Ipswich, Queensland, has put their values of community and member protection first by launching this innovative technology. OK2PLAY? is designed to increase the speed of response between Club members or guests and staff. It enables discreet and private communication that delivers the fastest response times possible for a person in need. By simply scanning a QR code or signalling for help through the patented OK2PLAY? digital platform, members or patrons can request assistance for support. OK2PLAY? triggers a private in-venue response for staff to immediately (in real-time) provide help and then connect them with necessary support services.

“Club Services Ipswich has made a strong footprint in this community. As the number one Community Club, we have made it our purpose to get involved, be present and make a difference in the Ipswich Community. With the support of our 2 Sub-Branches, Ipswich RSL Sub-Branch and Ipswich Railway Sub-Branch, our members and the greater community, CSI has been able to give back both in cash and in-kind back into our community the value of almost $300,000 in 2022,” explains Ms Onoprichuk.

The implementation of the OK2PLAY? platform further demonstrates CSI’s commitment to fostering a healthy and sustainable culture that extends beyond liquor and gaming to the broader health and wellbeing of the community.

“The Original Ipswich RSL was founded in 1979. However after an extensive renovation the RSL was re-named CSI- Club Services Ipswich, still training under Ipswich RSL INC.  Whilst our mission is to support the serving and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force and their families, we have made significant inroads to a huge range of sporting and community organisations and initiatives that otherwise go under-supported in the Ipswich region.  Without the support of our community, this would not be possible, and for that from myself and the Board of CSI, we would like to say thank you,” said Ms Onoprichuk.

“We have implemented this technology to really give back to the community. OK2PLAY? is the best platform available and allows the industry to really dial in and support their members and community. By implementing OK2PLAY? it means we can really look after our patrons and guests whilst they are in the Club. By having such a ‘quiet’ and at the same time direct platform, patrons will be able to reach out for help without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. This allows us, as leaders, to not only start the conversation, but normalise the conversation around mental health.”

Bryan Te Wani, CEO of OK2PLAY? noted “CSI’s Board of Directors and Natalia as GM are to be applauded for proactively seeking to deliver on their social licence to operate, more importantly they are to be applauded for caring for members and staff.”

A growing focus in the Club industry, across Australia, is being placed on the need to care for staff who have to assist a member or guest when they are dealing with mental health issues and the challenges of problem gambling.

Mr Te Wani added, “We see a growing number of Club’s looking to protect their staff from the negative impact of managing patrons in need and not just the patron, OK2PLAY? by its design, created from working with leading Clubs does that.”

OK2PLAY? will now form a key part of the Club’s values and the ever-growing focus on a need to invest in strategies to deliver on the Club’s social licence to operate.

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