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Let’s Talk About It: Gambling Harm Awareness 2023!

At OK2PLAY? We are dedicated to providing Responsible Gambling Technology for the hospitality and gaming industry. We are proud to announce our strong support for Queensland’s upcoming Gambling Harm Awareness Week (GHAW), a crucial initiative aimed at raising awareness about the potential risks associated with problem gambling.

In 2023, we are honoured to partner with the Dolphins as the first NRL Team to launch Responsible Gambling Technology. A foundation value of the Dolphins is the care and focus on the community, the players and staff. Today, as Gambling is firmly woven into the fabric of our sporting nation, one team stands out to set a new standard in care.

During GHAW, we are collaborating with the Dolphins NRL, combining our efforts to raise awareness and foster open conversations about responsible gambling. Join us from July 24th to 30th, 2023, as we bring the focus to the forefront and ask the important question: Are You OK2PLAY?

Our goal for GHAW is clear— to empower Pubs and Clubs with technology that delivers knowledge and resources necessary to protect their members, staff, and the community. By actively engaging in the conversation and fully participating in Gambling Harm Awareness Week, you have the power to contribute to the creation of a safer gambling environment for all.

We are proud to work alongside 50+ Clubs and Pubs who share our commitment to Responsible Gambling Technology. Together, we strive to make a positive impact on individuals and communities, emphasising the importance of responsible gambling practices and highlighting the support of our technology, created for those in need. Join us during Gambling Harm Awareness Week to make a difference as responsibility starts with OK2PLAY?

Let’s talk about it!