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Central Leagues Club, Charlestown Introduces OK2PLAY? to Support their Patrons and Staff

The rollout of the leading technology platform, OK2PLAY? continues across Australia as the Central Leagues Club, Charlestown, introduces the initiative to patrons.

Developed by the Australian technology company GPT, OK2PLAY? allows patrons who may not feel “OK” to access support in real time, making OK2PLAY? the most advanced player protection digital platform in the world.

OK2PLAY?, is a world leading technology that prompts patrons to respond to the question, “OK2PLAY?” at various points throughout the venue. Patrons respond by scanning their membership cards through the kiosks, using the press of a button or a scan of a QR code.

The platform creates the journey for Central Leagues Club, Charlestown, patrons to gain access to assistance quickly and normalises the conversation between the Club and their patrons, ensuring it is socially acceptable to ask for help.

Central Leagues Club, Charlestown, plays an important part and function within their community and with that, the Club is investing in OK2PLAY? as a part of their social license and responsibility for their members, patrons, and local community.

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