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CSI Marconi Cements Commitment to Staff, Members and Community With OK2PLAY?

CSI Marconi, the result of last year’s successful amalgamation of CSI Sport and Recreation Club with industry-leading Club Marconi launched the leading technology platform, OK2PLAY? this week. 


Boasting a strong Italian heritage, CSI Marconi plays an active role in supporting the Italian culture to thrive, with a large Bocce centre and football fields. Now, the club takes its responsibility to support staff, members and the community to the next level with OK2PLAY?. CSI Marconi is fixed on delivering a secure and supportive environment for those in need by connecting patrons to discrete and timely assistance, both patrons and employees. 


The cutting-edge platform that prompts patrons to respond to the question, “OK2PLAY?” was built by Aussie tech developers, GPT. Responding to the question is as easy as pressing a button or scanning the QR code spread throughout the venue, and if your response is, “Yes”, your experience will be relatively unchanged. CEO of Club Marconi, Matthew Biviano urged patrons to have the courage to answer honestly. 


“Not everyone is comfortable in that initial period that they are reaching out for assistance,” Mr Biviano said. 


“Sometimes they are not confident or sure on how to approach for help and this program will give another discreet or immediate way that is comfortable to them. Then that helps facilitate that next level of assistance.”


“It takes a lot of energy and is a form of bravery to step up and say, “I need help” and to raise your hand to ask for that help is quite a big move. So, the fact that they can harness that, and say today is the day for help, and there are no barriers, is a wonderful thing, and we are here to help people.”


The OK2PLAY? Technology triggers a discreet and private in-venue response from staff to assist. Patrons are then linked with support services as needed. At CSI Marconi, the team believes strongly that the new OK2PLAY? Technology will help them support their patrons, team members and the community sustainably in the long term. The system has been fully interwoven into the club’s processes and procedures to ensure that every team member can help facilitate any necessary assistance. “Whatever that help might be, we are here for the members, patrons and the community,” Mr Biviano said.

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