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ok2play and dolphin collaboration

Friday Night Saw the Official Inaugural Season Launch of the Dolphins NRL Team, With Over 500 Guests in Attendance

Just like the Dolphins, having a dream, building from scratch and bringing it to life, is no small feat.

Six years ago, OK2PLAY? started as an idea and an inspirational thought to create a technology platform that would revolutionise the way someone needing help and support, could ask for the help they needed.

To date, we have asked over 145,000 people if they are “OK2PLAY?” through our leading hospitality venue partners, and just like the Dolphins, we are committed to driving forward and making a difference.

We are proud to be a Founding Partner of the Dolphins, the new 17th team in the NRL, who through grit and determination of people who over decades built a club that was, in one year, turned into a powerhouse.

“Innovation is important in any business – including the NRL – so being in partnership with the OK2PLAY? player protection support solution was appealing because like the Dolphins, this system is making a difference in local communities,” Terry Reader, CEO, Dolphins, said.

OK2PLAY? CEO, Bryan Te Wani, explains, “My business partner’s first job was at Redcliffe. Forty-three years later we are thrilled to be part of an organisation with values of community and care. We can’t wait to see the first game for the Arthur Beetson Trophy and we are excited to take our journey with a partner who matches our philosophies. This was a critical union as far as OK2PLAY? was concerned. We want to align with a club with the same level of integrity and commitment to staff, players and the community.”

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