OK 2 Play

Mario Machado, CEO of Hornsby RSL

Hornsby RSL Leads The Way With Technology At The Forefront

Popular local venue, Hornsby RSL, have this week introduced the newest technology to enter the hospitality industry. 

OK2PLAY? is a digital platform built by Australian tech company, GPT. OK2PLAY? has been developed to increase the speed of response between a patron of a Club or Pub and a staff member, creating the pathway for connecting patrons to assistance in a discreet, seamless, and frictionless manner, in real time.

In an industry first, patrons will be asked via digital means if they are OK2PLAY? at various points throughout the venue.  

“The main reasons we implemented this technology into Hornsby RSL is about protecting our members and being responsible. We have a social licence and we need to make sure that we act responsibly for both our members and our staff. This is paramount.” Mario Machado, CEO of Hornsby RSL, said.

“We are quite an advanced Club as far as technology is concerned, and we do put digital at the forefront of the decisions we make. 

“This technology makes it easier for our patrons to reach out to us if they have a problem. It also makes it easier for our staff in the manner that first approach and first contact is made via a discreet and seamless system. 

“Together this will assist in moving forward, in the direction for our patrons to know that it is socially acceptable for them to say I have a problem and I need help and for them to know we can be there offering assistance.” Mr Machado, states. 

The new technology offers the industry a way to protect venue staff by acting as the means of recognition and intervention for patrons. Simultaneously, OK2PLAY? removes barriers for patrons, such as approaching staff they may not be familiar with directly, instead providing players with a degree of protection through the touch of a button or scan of a QR code.  

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