OK 2 Play

Jeff Moorebank

OK2PLAY? Breaks Barriers and Normalises The Conversation

Australian technology company, GPT’s new digital platform, OK2PLAY? has launched in hospitality venues across NSW in the past month and is set to roll out in Queensland venues, commencing in October.

The non-intrusive OK2PLAY? technology, allows hospitality venues to assist patrons who are not feeling OK, to seek guidance to counsel whilst still within hospitality venues. 

OK2PLAY? assists hospitality venues to provide patrons with real time assistance when it is required, after patrons are asked through digital prompts if they are OK2PLAY? 

For those who are, their entertainment experience remains unchanged, but for those who respond “no”, a senior member of staff, who is on site at that time, can connect with patrons and start a conversation about how they are feeling and can guide the patron to support services.

OK2PLAY? allows a senior member of staff to have a meaningful conversation with their patrons, breaking down the barriers of having to physically approach staff for assistance and normalises the conversation, ensuring it is socially acceptable to ask for help.

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