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OK2PLAY? Leads With Ground Breaking Technology

Innovative Australian venues have been operating well ahead of the curve when it comes to player and staff protection, implementing a newly developed Australian technology platform in recent months.


Termed OK2PLAY?, this cutting edge technology prompts patrons to respond to the question, “OK2PLAY?” at various points throughout the venue. Patrons respond using the press of a button.


Patrons who respond yes will have a relatively unchanged experience.


For those feeling susceptible or uncertain, the OK2PLAY? technology triggers a private in-venue response from staff to assist, and these patrons are then linked with support services.


Bryan Te Wani, CEO of OK2PLAY? said “OK2PLAY? is a simple and effective technology that bypassed all the barriers society may put up for people to seek help. 


The anonymity of technology means people don’t have to consider who they might ask, what they will say, or what that person might think if they approach them for help. 


OK2PLAY? removes all those hurdles to capture patrons in action and prompt them to stop for a moment and consider, “Am I really OK to do this right now?”.


“If a patron is no longer enjoying the experience and is struggling in that moment, venues have a social license to care for these patrons and take their social licence and responsibility seriously, for the patron, staff and community.


“What OK2PLAY? provides is a tool for protecting players, while also protecting staff, who have previously been responsible for the incredibly difficult task of recognising vulnerable patrons”, Mr Te Wani continued.


“OK2PLAY? is the technology platform that is the springboard that brings people together to have a human to human connection.” 


Popular Sydney venue Moorebank Sporties was one of the first venues to introduce OK2PLAY?

CEO, Jeff Gibbs said, “The industry needs a player protection tool which makes gaming safe for the patron and makes the industry and the individual Club more sustainable. It’s our responsibility to provide care to patrons. OK2PLAY? was the platform that created this solution seamlessly with ease to patrons and staff”. 


Central Coast Leagues Club have also had positive results from their initial period employing OK2PLAY?

“I’m glad to be one of the first Clubs to implement OK2PLAY?,” CEO, Mr  Edward Camilleri, Central Coast Leagues Club, said.


“The purpose is for members to feel secure, and if they do have a problem and they are a bit shy in talking to our staff and trained personnel, this is a way they can go to an easy touch and get help fairly quickly.”


OK2PLAY? technology provides venues with staff protection as the platform acts as the first level of detection and recognition for identifying at-risk patrons.


Mario Machado, CEO of Hornsby RSL, who has been using the OK2PLAY? system since September reflected, “We are quite an advanced Club as far as technology is concerned, and we do put digital at the forefront of the decisions we make. 


“This technology makes it easier for our patrons to reach out to us if they have a problem. It also makes it easier for our staff in the manner that first approach and first contact is made via a discreet and seamless system”.

Leading Central West Club, Bathurst RSL implemented OK2PLAY? To be proactive and be genuine about their player protection. 


Peter Sargent, CEO, Bathurst RSL Club, explains, “we want to get on the front foot and show that we are fair dinkum about looking after our members, and we want to make sure we are making it as easy as possible to ask for support, and to make that seamless.”


“In terms of Player Protection, we find in most cases people stay inside their means while they are enjoying playing the machines, but we are conscious that sometimes there may be a person who may start to feel uncomfortable and if that is the case, OK2PLAY? and our staff are there to assist them.


“We are conscious that we provide gaming as an entertainment product, and it is incumbent on us that we want to make sure that the best possible protection measures are in place and that it is as easy as possible to access that if you need it.


“It is important that we are proactive about this. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to enjoy themselves, but also put their hand up if they are having difficulty.” Mr Sargent said.


Venues throughout New South Wales and Queensland have embraced OK2PLAY? technology with launches in further venues planned over the coming weeks and months.


In an era when mental health is at the forefront of Australian industry the OK2PLAY? digital technology is providing a pioneering technology that can protect the people that need it and give the tools for the INDIVIDUAL VENUE LEADERS to deliver this in a simple but meaningful way.

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