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Ary Toukley

The Ary Toukley Keeps Integrity, Innovation and Community At Its Heart

The Ary Toukley has a long history in the Toukley community dating back to the 1940’s.

In that time the Club has achieved a myriad of milestones including the latest offering of an outdoor dining and entertainment area named Mason’s Place. The transformation of the Bowling Green was named after a founding bowls member, Fred Mason, and the name was chosen to acknowledge the history of the Club.

“We want to be the community’s destination of choice,” Trevor Haynes, CEO, The Ary Toukley explained.

“This also goes for employees as well. We work hard to be a local business leader and we do this by uniting local businesses and including them on our journey for growth.

Our staff are well trained and inducted to the Club’s values including what integrity, innovation and community engagements mean to us.”

In strengthening this commitment to their ethos, The Ary Toukley has this week implemented the hospitality technology leader, OK2PLAY?

Developed by the Australian technology company GPT, OK2PLAY? allows patrons who may not feel “OK” to access support in real time, making OK2PLAY? the most advanced player protection digital platform in the world.

Ok2Play? creates the journey for The Ary Toukley patrons to gain access to assistance quickly and normalises the conversation between the Club and their patrons, ensuring it is socially acceptable to ask for help.

The technology platform takes away any time barrier that may be experienced by the venue’s patrons that require assistance.

At the push of a button, or by scanning a QR code, a message is sent directly to senior management, who can reach out to the patron in a matter of moments. Management can then use the appropriate channels to assist the patron in gaining access to the relevant assistance.

“The purpose and intent of OK2PLAY? directly reflects three of our values already mentioned. That being integrity, innovation and community engagement.

If we believe our level of service is above standard, so should our level of customer care be above minimal expectation” Mr Haynes said.

“We are adopters of technology and OK2PLAY? is an extension of our technical footprint.

“We see OK2PLAY? as an additional level of care that is visible to our members and we have implemented this platform for our community.”

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