OK 2 Play

Ocean Shores Tavern

Focus On Community Drives Ocean Shores

OK2PLAY? continues to be rolled out across Pubs and Clubs in New South Wales and Queensland with this week, Ocean Shores Tavern implementing the technology platform.

The world leading technology platform, built by Australian Tech Company, GPT, has been developed to increase the speed of response between a patron and staff, creating the pathway for connecting Ocean Shores Tavern patrons to assistance in a discreet, seamless, and frictionless manner, in real time.

For 12 years, co-owner of Ocean Shores Tavern, Adam Berger has dedicated his time in driving the establishment to be part of the community and support when and where they can.

“Our mission statement that we have put together with the team was based on a five point theory and part of that five point scope marks a C which stands for our community,” Mr Berger explains.

“We are all about doing things for the community and it is very important to be a part of that.

We sponsor sporting groups in the area, give donations to charities such as the local art expo that we donate a major prize for each year, schools and events.”

On speaking about the implementation of OK2PLAY? into the pub venue, Mr Berger said;

“As an industry, it is really important that we support our patrons and take a forward step and be proactive.

“This technology initiative is a great platform and it is important to be able to connect with the community and to be able to do good things, and asking someone if they are OK2PLAY? is a positive step forward.”

OK2PLAY? creates a point of contact, that if someone does need a bit of a hand, we will be able to give them that support and connection and that extra step. As an industry this platform is of huge benefit and for the community it is also a connection point for people to know they can come to us and normalise the conversation around asking for help.”

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