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Casino Returned Servicemen’s Memorial Club Implements OK2PLAY? For Members To Reach Out And Normalise The Conversation

Casino Returned Servicemen’s Memorial (Casino RSM) has today committed to putting their staff, members and community first when it comes to player and staff protection, implementing a newly developed Australian technology platform this week.

OK2PLAY?, is a world leading technology that prompts patrons to respond to the question, “OK2PLAY?” at various points throughout the venue. Patrons respond using the press of a button or a scan of a QR code.

The platform creates the journey for Casino RSM Club patrons to gain access to assistance quickly and normalises the conversation between the Club and their patrons, ensuring it is socially acceptable to ask for help.

Neale Genge, Secretary Manager of Casino RSM Club explains, “It is not easy for someone to ask for help. In fact it can be a very difficult task to actually approach a person to initiate that first step.

“If we can help anyone in getting them help, then that is a great first step forward for them and really what our Club is all about – being there for people and the community.

“We are a extremely important part and function of our local community and we have a  social responsibility to our patrons, members, and community.

By implementing OK2Play? we are investing in the support that we offer to the community and taking our responsibility as a community venue, seriously,” Mr Genge concluded.

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