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Wests Illawarra Introduces World Leading Technology To Normalise The Conversation Between Club and Patrons

For over 65 years, Wests Illawarra has been a member of the Illawarra community. Throughout the years, as starting out as a Leagues Club, that could involve other sports, to the current home, with the year 2000 seeing a name change to Wests Illawarra, as it is known today, the Club has had a rich and formative history.

Now having affiliations with over 16 clubs ranging from Touch Football, to darts, to jogging, to swimming, to even a wine club, looking after its members and the wider community are at the centre of the Club.

The latest example of keeping the community at its heart of its operations is through the introduction of OK2PLAY?.

Members and patrons of leading Clubs in the Illawarra region will have access to OK2Play?, a world leading technology which normalises the conversation between a club and its patrons, ensuring it is socially acceptable to ask for help.

Club members and guests of Wests Illawarra, will now have OK2PLAY? check in with them prior to playing, to confirm they feel “OK” or safe to play.

Developed to increase the speed of response between members and patrons of a club and their staff, OK2PLAY? creates the pathway for discreet, seamless, and frictionless connection for club patrons to assistance in real time.

OK2PLAY? also takes away any time barrier that may be experienced by club patrons that require assistance. At the push of a button, or by scanning a QR code, a message is sent directly to senior management, who can reach out to the patron in a matter of moments. Club Management can then use the appropriate channels to assist the patron in gaining access to the relevant assistance.

“Mental health and wellbeing are important to our members, guests and the community in which we operate. OK2PLAY? normalises these conversations. We want to help connect those who are struggling with support, in a discreet and private way,” Wests Illawarra, CEO, Danny Munk, explains.

“We have always taken our role in our community seriously and the introduction of OK2Play? is just the latest in a series of initiatives we have introduced to ensure our staff. members and guests are cared for,” Mr Munk said.

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