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Paul Biddlestone, Batemans Bay Soldiers Club CEO

Batemans Bay Soldiers Club Proves They Care With OK2PLAY?

With 12,000 members and 80 staff, Batemans Bay Soldiers Club has made the decision to implement OK2PLAY? in their establishment.

Batemans Bay Soldiers Club CEO, Paul Biddlestone said that implementing OK2PLAY? was something that had great relevance to the market given gaming was involved.

“It is a way for us to show that we do care for our community and we do care for our members and we do care about normalising the conversation,” Mr Biddlestone said.

“There’s a lot of information out there for members to see, but this way it puts it there where they can act on it directly and discreetly and we can get in contact with them and get them to the help they need if they need it.”

OK2PLAY? is a world-leading technology platform developed by Australian Tech Company, GPT to increase the turnaround time between Club patrons getting help discreetly and swiftly, in real-time.

The OK2PLAY? platform creates an avenue for patrons of Batemans Bay Soldiers Club to gain quick access to help and normalises the conversation between Club staff and patrons. It allows patrons to ask for help knowing that it is socially acceptable for them to do so.

Batemans Bay Soldiers Club has been in its current location for 60 years and it’s been in various locations around town.

“We’re pushing 80 years now,” Mr Biddlestone said.

“We have eight meeting rooms and we let community groups use them, for free.”

The Club also makes cash and in-kind donations to the community.

“The last three years a lot of community groups struggled and we like to get behind them and support them as much as we can,” Mr Biddlestone said.

Another area they are very focused on is supporting people at risk of homelessness.

Batemans Bay Soldiers Club’s implementation of OK2PLAY? Is an investment to support the community, their patrons and their staff; something they take very seriously.

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