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OK2PLAY? Goes Live in Queensland with Redcliffe Leagues Club

Today, Redcliffe Leagues Club have implemented the leading technology platform, OK2PLAY? throughout the venue.

In a Queensland industry first, patrons will be asked via digital means if they are OK2PLAY? at various points throughout the venue. For those feeling susceptible or uncertain, the OK2PLAY? technology triggers a discreet and private in-venue response from Redcliffe Leagues Club staff to assist.

Redcliffe Dolphins (Football) was founded in 1947 and the Redcliffe Leagues Club (Entertainment side) was incorporated in 1971. The Club is firmly cemented in their local community and known widely for their sporting support and for the state-of-the-art facilities that are offered to patrons. Whether you come to the Dolphins precinct for your local groceries, attend a game at the stadium, use the fitness complex, or come in for a meal at the bistro, the strength and investment in community is obvious. And the introduction of OK2PLAY? is no exception to this commitment.

“At the end of the day we are a family friendly environment. We strive to have the best facilities we can and the latest technology,” Justin Charlish, General Manager of Commercial Operations, Redcliffe Leagues Club, explains.

“Obviously by bringing OK2PLAY? into the venue, we are very confident that this platform will help the community and achieve the levels of support that need to be there.

“Nothing else comes close to what this technology offers in terms of the speed to support. You can reach out on your own terms and know that it is ok to ask for help at any time.

“There are a number of reasons why we introduced this technology. You sit back and listen to the news and hear that something has happened, and you question why that person didn’t put their hand up and ask for help. This is what OK2PLAY? is about,” Mr Charlish says.

“We need to go one step further because people do need help and there isn’t another technology platform that can do this and connect people with speed, and have a human-to-human connection as well, in getting that person to support.

“We want to provide a place that is safe for everyone. By using this technology, it is another way to help and support people.”

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