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Caloundra RSL Club’s General Manager, Graeme Devin

Caloundra RSL Invests In Their Community With OK2PLAY?

The industry-leading tech platform, OK2PLAY? has found another home at Caloundra RSL Club as it continues its rollout across the country.

Australian tech company GPT, developed the digital platform to increase response times between Club or pub patrons and staff members discreetly and in real-time.

Caloundra RSL Club’s General Manager, Graeme Devin said that welcoming OK2PLAY? to the Club during National Mental Health Month seemed fitting.

“We’re a community club and it’s about being responsible to our patrons,” Mr Devin said.

“Whilst play is acceptable adult entertainment, we need to be responsible; to manage things responsibly.”

Proof of Caloundra RSL’s serious commitment to supporting their patrons and community is their investment in OK2PLAY?.

Including the OK2PLAY? technology in the Club will allow Caloundra RSL to deliver a secure and supportive environment , for player and staff protection, by connecting patrons to assistance swiftly, discreetly and in real-time affording them a greater level of protection.

The beauty of OK2PLAY? is its simplicity. Patrons can just push a button or scan a QR code and a message is immediately sent to senior management who can then reach out to them in a matter of minutes. Management staff can then use appropriate channels to help the patron access relevant assistance.

Caloundra RSL Club was established around 60 years ago, but they were incorporated for gaming back in the early 90s.

The 2016 Census put Caloundra’s population at 51,000 and the local RSL Club has been seriously committed to supporting its community over the years, from giving out community grants to supporting their veterans via their RSL Sub-Branch.

“We support the Steps Charity with their pathways to college for people with disability,” Mr Devin said. “It supports them to live alone and get jobs and just live life like everyone else.”

“We employ several of the students who have gone through the Steps College.”

Mr Devin said the Club also supported sporting teams, both junior and senior. “We focus more on the juniors than the seniors because it’s an area where people need a little help because sports can be expensive,” he said.

The Club was renovated back in 2021 to give the interior a little facelift, and more recently changed its gym back to a function room.

“We host functions and events,” Mr Devin said. “We even host church on Sundays. We don’t discriminate.”

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