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Robert Heinrich, CEO, Club Blacktown

Club Blacktown Embraces OK2PLAY? For Their Community

OK2PLAY? continues their roll out across NSW with Club Blacktown being the first in area to implement the leading Australian technology platform this week.

As the digital leaders in Player Protection, OK2PLAY? has been developed by Australian technology company, GPT, to increase the speed of response between a patron of a Club or Pub and a staff member, creating the pathway for connecting patrons to assistance in a discreet, seamless, and frictionless manner, in real time.

“OK2PLAY? is a great tool. This technology adds another layer to the assistance in respect of responsible gaming that we already have in place with Bet Safe, and offers a better level of engagement that can be had with our patrons where they are asked a simple question at the electronic members kiosks– “Are you OK to Play?” Robert Heinrich, CEO, Club Blacktown explains.

“Sometimes people, until they are asked the question and step back and think about it, can then respond, no, I would like to talk to someone who is helpful and can offer assistance.

“I’m a strong believer in our community and assisting people. If they identify that they may have a problem, whether it be with a problem with gambling, or even if they have other problems, when they come into the Club, we can support or guide them.

“I see this as another positive method of a discreet intervention, a private intervention, to assist those people who may not have the courage or confidence to stand up and have a difficult conversation initially and have to go through a chain of people in order to get the help and support they need, at the time they need it,” Mr Heinrich says.

“We understand at times a person can be very embarrassed to make the initial approach. We are trying to remove that awkwardness or embarrassment.

“This type of tool gives the individual a choice as to take that next step to get confidential assistance with gambling no matter what their situation may be.

“By asking the question to our members that come into Club Blacktown or by anyone scanning the technology driven QR codes strategically placed through the gaming areas, they have that opportunity to discreetly speak to someone and get assistance and ask, “can you help me?””

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