OK 2 Play

Michael Burgess, General Manager, Club Harrington

Club Harrington Heightens Their Social Responsibility

The Australian technology platform, OK2PLAY?, developed by GPT, has this week been implemented by Club Harrington for their community.

OK2PLAY? allows patrons who may not feel “OK” to access support in real time, making OK2PLAY? the most advanced player protection digital platform in the world.

“Being a small community, the Club really is the heart of the Harrington community,” Michael Burgess, General Manager, Club Harrington explains.

“The club has around 3,500 members and the population of the community itself is around the same number.

“Being the small community we are, it is necessary to support our members and patrons in everything we do. By implementing OK2PLAY? we can assist in giving support to those who need it, in a discreet manner and with speed to respond to people if they do have a problem.

“The technology platform makes it easy for people to ask for assistance and to get assistance in a private and confidential manner. It really does break down the barriers to getting assistance to people who need the help, at the time they need it,” Mr Burgess says.

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