OK 2 Play

Andrew Gardner, CEO of Emu Sports Club

Emu Sports Club Delivers On Family First Ethos and Social Responsibility

OK2PLAY?, the world leading technology platform, built by Australian Tech Company, GPT, that has been developed to increase the speed of response between a patron of a Club and staff, creating the pathway for connecting patrons to assistance in a discreet, seamless, and frictionless manner, in real time, has recently been implemented at Emu Sports Club..

Emu Sports Club, home to the Leonay Golf Course, is located at the foot of the Blue Mountains, and holds an ethos of being a family friendly Club tailored with facilities such as a large playground with soft fall, the picturesque 18 hole golf course along with a bistro that caters to every taste.

On implementing OK2PLAY?, Andrew Gardner, CEO of Emu Sports Club stated,

“I saw it as a natural next step to showing our members and the community that we care for them.

“We offer the Club as a family venue, with a green space that the locals can use with the Golf Course for exercise and walking the dog, for example.

“By offering OK2PLAY? we are showing the community, our members and patrons, that we are socially responsible in how we operate. Yes, we do have a gaming area within our Club and we want to run Emu Sports sustainably and responsibly,” Mr Gardner, continued.

“To look after people as they come into the Club to use the facilities and enjoy the Club that we have, is a social responsibility we take very seriously.”

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