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OK2PLAY? Joins Dolphins NRL Team as Proud Founding Partner

As the Dolphins prepare to take the field for their history making first NRL season in 2023, OK2PLAY? stands with them as a proud founding partner for the next three years.

The dolphins have a rich and long history with Rugby League. As they enter the NRL, the Club’s mission is to create a lasting positive impact in the broader community by becoming the most successful, inclusive, and respected Club in Australian sport. The Dolphins are proud for OK2PLAY? to be joining them, as OK2PLAY? looks to change the existing landscape by normalising the conversation around mental health and increasing the speed to access appropriate support.

Both OK2PLAY? and the Dolphins are eager to extend from their joint base of community and family to assist each other in their endeavours over the coming years.

“Innovation is important in any business – including the NRL – so being in partnership with the OK2PLAY? player protection support solution was appealing because like the Dolphins, this system is making a difference in local communities.

“We welcome OK2PLAY? as a partner of the Dolphins and will be assisting them in promoting the changes they are making,” Terry Reader, CEO, Dolphins, explains.

OK2PLAY? CEO, Bryan Te Wani, explains, “My business partner’s first job was at Redcliffe. Forty-three years later we are thrilled to be part of an organisation with values of community and care. We can’t wait to see the first game for the Arthur Beetson Trophy and we are excited to take our journey with a partner who matches our philosphies. This was a critical union as far as OK2PLAY? was concerned. We want to align with a club with the same level of integrity and commitment to staff, players and the community”.

“We have asked 130,000 people over the last 100 days if they are OK through different mediums. Our partnership is a way to Normalise the Conversation around Mental Health and Problem Gambling in a wider community than we thought possible in our first year.

“It takes a lot to change both industry and community mindset, but with already 50 venues utilising OK2PLAY? we are dedicated to pursuing this change. Our commitment is our force, and there is no better example of commitment than Bob’s (Chairman) and Tony’s (Group CEO) drive to have Redcliffe in the NRL. We look forward to sharing a XXXX and celebrating their achievements in the opening round.” Mr Te Wani concluded.


Fans of the NRL, Members, patrons of leading Clubs, and the general public alike, will have access to OK2Play? –  a world leading technology which normalises the conversation and ensures it is socially acceptable to ask for help.

OK2PLAY? is developed to increase the speed of response for people seeking help and support. OK2PLAY? creates the pathway for discreet, seamless, and frictionless connection for people to gain assistance in real time.

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