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Strong Ties To The Community Propels Woonona Bulli RSL

With a membership base of 13,000 people, Woonona Bulli RSL is a social hub and connection point for the whole community. Being situated on the south coast of NSW, the Club has an enviable position and takes advantage of coastal life with a range of outdoor spaces that the community utilise on a daily basis.

“We have extensive outdoor areas for the community to take advantage of, and on the weekend the outdoor spaces are dominated by functions. Locals and visitors alike come to hire the outdoor spaces for birthdays from 1st birthday parties to 100th birthday parties and of course other general social functions,” Michael Brennan, General Manager, Woonona Bulli RSL, explained.

The Club which employs around 80 staff, has a strong food and beverage offering and caters to the family market. It also houses other facilities such as a gym that 650 members use on a regular basis. Connection to the RSL Sub Branch is of extreme importance to Woonona Bulli RSL. The Sub Branch office is open 5 days a week for advocacy or to meet with people, and has a strong base of 80 members.

“We have around 2,500 people here for the Dawn Service on Anzac Day. The Club is extremely proud to have the Sub Branch office open throughout the week, and based on that, every decision the Club makes, considers the RSL as part of the outcome,” Mr Brennan, said.

With the introduction of OK2PLAY? Woonona Bulli RSL is cementing their commitment to the community. OK2PLAY? is a world leading technology platform, built by Australian Tech Company, GPT, that has been developed to increase the speed of response between a patron of the Club and staff, creating the pathway for connecting Woonona Bulli RSL patrons to assistance in a discreet, seamless, and frictionless manner, in real time.

“We take our role and responsibility in the community very seriously. We do acknowledge that we play a significant role and we do think about the community and every decision we make has our community at the centre of it, and that is what we are focussed on.”

“Being proactive, the Management and the Board adopted this program to speak to the community and ask them if they are OK. We do care about them as individuals, and we wanted a way to let them know we are here and able to help them, if they do need it.”

“We are moving to normalise the conversation and appreciating that there are people in the community that do need help, and they may have never had the opportunity to ask for the help they need,” Mr Brennan concluded.

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