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Ian Loundes - Panania Diggers

Panania Diggers Introduces OK2PLAY? For Staff, Members and Community

Panania Diggers is putting their staff, members and community first when it comes to player and staff protection, implementing a newly developed Australian technology platform this week.

Termed OK2PLAY?, this cutting edge technology prompts patrons to respond to the question, “OK2PLAY?” at various points throughout the venue. Patrons respond using the press of a button or a scan of a QR code.

Patrons who respond yes will have a relatively unchanged experience.

For those feeling susceptible or uncertain, the OK2PLAY? technology triggers a discreet and private in-venue response from staff to assist, and these patrons are then linked with support services.

Panania Diggers, CEO, Ian Lowndes has been an operating staff member of the Club for over 20 years and has held various positions throughout that time. Speaking with him on the latest technology implementation for Panania Diggers, OK2PLAY? It is clear how important community is to the fundamental heart of the operations.

“All of the staff are part of the local community and either live locally or have lived locally and know and have friendships with the community members that come into the Club,” Mr Lowndes explains.

“We are big on families and big on community here.

“The RSL is why we exist primarily and from that is where the friendship with the community has grown and stemmed from. As an example of this, the RSL look after the welfare of returned servicemen and current servicemen, if they need the help, across all decades and all aspects. They help with financial assistance and also raise money for those that need it and also offer support for those who may be struggling with their mental fitness.

They also facilitate visits to the Club with an informal meeting called ‘Veterans Brew’. Any serviceman or ex-serviceman can come in and have a chat and get things off their chest and if they need to seek more counselling they can through this connection,” Mr Lownes continues.

“It is our duty to look after our members in whichever way we can and we need to be on the front foot when it comes to members, staff and the community and that is why we have chosen to implement OK2PLAY?

“Our duty of care is of prime importance at the Club and to offer a system that is protecting our staff and players is a no brainer.

“The human to human contact is very important and the staff can have an empathetic conversation with our patrons and members, and can offer assistance when it is needed.

The technology just helps in support and makes it so much easier for a member to reach out,” Mr Lowndes concluded.


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