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The Lakes Hotel, Jesmond Hotel, Hotel Gosford.

Harris Narvo – Hospitality Leaders With OK2PLAY?

This week, leading hospitality group, Harris Narvo, has introduced the ground breaking technology platform OK2PLAY? into three coastal venues – Hotel Gosford, Hotel Jesmond and The Lakes Hotel.

With a focus on food, beverage and accommodation, the updated and award winning interiors of the three Hotels bring family and community together to enjoy the surroundings while enjoying the high calibre of service.

Established in 1926, Hotel Gosford has been serving the community for almost a century. Having recently undergone a multimillion – dollar renovation, the new Hotel Gosford is set to reimagine the local pub experience.

The Hotel Jesmond is a Newcastle institution and a favourite amongst the locals. Affectionately known as “The Jeso”, the aim is to provide everything you’d expect from a traditional pub, but even better.

Inspired by the laidback lifestyle of The Entrance, as well as the beaches, bay and waterways, The Lakes Hotel welcomes locals and tourists alike with open arms. The heritage listed Hotel is situated right in the heart of The Entrance and is all about enjoying the hospitality of the venue. This philosophy has been in place since it opened its doors back in 1940.

With this focus on being the leaders in hospitality, the move behind the implementation of OK2PLAY? stems from the ethos and mission of the Harris Narvo group to be remarkable hosts and leading operators in the hotel industry.

OK2Play? is a world leading technology platform, built by Australian Tech Company, GPT, that has been developed to increase the speed of response between a patron and staff, creating the pathway for connecting the Hotel’s patrons to assistance in a discreet, seamless, and frictionless manner, in real time.

“We are strongly involved in the community with all of our Hotels and we understand the importance of being there for groups that operate in the community. Sporting sponsorships, International Women’s Day functions, donating to the local schools for fetes and fundraisers – this is a really important part of who we are and how we operate our business,” Group General Manager, Jordan Harris explains.

“By looking after the community, being proactive and being on the front foot for the community is the reason why we introduced OK2PLAY? across the Hotels.

“We want to look after people who may have an issue, and it is good for the community to know they can come to us, to have a conversation, and we can assist,” Mr Harris explained.

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